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Taste le Tour 2014 – with Gabriel Gate

I have always loved watching Le Taste le Tour with Gabriel Gate, while battling to stay awake through the many hours of the Tour de France.

Each year I have kept a “log” of the episodes, so I thought I would share 2014’s Taste le Tour, there are some great recipes too!



Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep20 – Bergerac To Perigueux

Filet de Canard aux Cepes;

Boletus, the "King of Mushrooms"

Happy Happy days! Duck, one of my all time favorites! Got to be happy with this one! This great duck recipe is a must do, especially if you like duck and mushrooms. Ill certainly be giving it a go!

In the region of Périgueux, famous for its hearty food, Gabriel Gaté meets an old friend who used to cook for a French President. In the kitchen Gabriel prepares duck fillets served with cèpe mushrooms and a green peppercorn sauce.


Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep16 – Carcassonne To Bagneres-De-Luchon

Financiers aux Amandes et abricots;

Canned duck confit and cassoulet

Ok Gabriel, enough of the deserts, I would have loved to have seen the cassoulet that you showed in this episode.

Maybe I’m a little biased to savoury. So Ill be quiet. 🙂