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Italian Food Customs and Traditions

Italian eating habits are diverse and vary throughout the peninsula, but there is no consensus on some rules of Italian food culture. These are accepted in our country some of the rules in the Italian food culture.


Time of meals is important. Lunch is served at 13:00 and dinner at 08:00 clock. In northern Italy can be a bit ” before and a little ‘ later in the south, but would not eat, dream to 4.00, the kitchens of the restaurants are closed until dinner time.

Italian Food Menu

A full menu is composed of a “delicious starter, Side Dish, cake, fruit and yummy cheese.” No one is capable of such a feat on any given day. Most meals are of two classes, a “first” (pasta or rice) and / or a “second” (meat or fish) and a “contour “(contour) together.

Never in the same plate

Each dish is served in another court, the mixing is strongly discouraged.


Salad is likely to be ignored as a side dish, and even if you order an appetizer, your request.

Fruit and cheese


cheeses (Photo credit: uberculture)

Meals are usually closed with fresh fruit, cheese and coffee often.


Cappuccino is only served for breakfast, never at the end of a meal. If you are not able to resist the urge to ruin a good meal with milk, a “cafe ‘ macchiato “coffee with a drop of milk is good.

Drink milk

Drink milk for lunch or dinner is just unheard of, kills the taste of everything you eat and the relationship with the waiter.


Drinks are acceptable during a meal wine, mineral water, beer, and, just for kids, soft drinks.

No cheese on seafood

Spray or rub cheese with fish or seafood. The strong taste of cheese would kill ‘ taste of seafood. Try at your own risk, most of the restaurants will disclaim all responsibility for the results.


Most of the best Italian dishes start with a “fried”. And, “usually with finely chopped onions, carrots and celery and fried in a little olive oil.

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Salade Nicoise

This is without doubt my favorite light dish. I prefer Tuna, but only Salmon was available and works well anyway.

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The Dancing Gourmet: A Ballerina’s Healthy Recipes for Fitness

Linda Hymes shares a full repertory of delicious, healthy recipes that are fit for dancers and non-dancers alike in The Dancing Gourmet: Recipes To Keep You on Your Toes. Heck, these are recipes to keep you fit. Hymes knows the secrets of preparing tantalizing dishes that won’t add to your waistline- she trained at the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York City before becoming a professional ballerina for fifteen years. After retiring, she pursued her greatest passion- food- and attended the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu in London.

The Dancing Gourmet is a perfect marriage of gourmet food and elegant aesthetic. Anyone who loves ballet or who wishes to look like a dancer by eating right will enjoy the mouth-watering, colorful photos of food and Hymes during some of her finest dancing moments- both seem to jump right off the page. The Dancing Gourmet is flavored with humor throughout it pages: the recipes are categorized by ballet’s positions of the feet, from first position (appetizers and small plates) through fifth position(entrees). The final section involves the prerequisite visit to the Land Of the Sweets (a reference from the second act of the much-beloved Nutcracker) which no ballet career or gourmet dining experience should be without.

Eating right doesn’t have to be a punishment. In fact, it can be quite pleasurable. Choices from the third category of salads (not just rabbit food!, according to Hymes) such as the grilled chicken salad with spicy blackberry dressing, thai eggplant salad with pickled garlic, and sole and salmon twirls with maple glaze are appealing, or curried banana balls with masoor daal and cold sesame soba with tofu for the vegetarian crowd. Top it all off with a cup of fresh-brewed chai and a slice of pavlova cake. Brava!

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