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French a Rack of Lamb – Tips

We not only French a Rack of Lamb because it looks pretty, we French the rack to hold the integrity of the loin. If we cook the rack unfrenched (is that a word, lol) the meat on the bones will cook a lot quicker and potentially add a bitter or sour flavour to the magnificent Lamb Loin.

So take the short time to French your Rack of Lamb. I have found this great YouTube video that shows you how simple it really is to French the Lamb.


An old wine does good!

The age old adage about never using wine you wouldn’t drink to cook with comes short yet again. I, for one, am a firm believer that you can still get the great qualities out if an old wine that might be better tipped down the drain.
Well, I hate waste so I refuse to tip dead wine fine the drain, and always look for an excuse to cook something.
So here was last nights braised leg of lamb with a very old Shiraz! And it came up trumps!


Taste le Tour – Stage 16, Gap

OMG! This dish in an absolute BALL TEARER! I am hungry just by looking at this amazing roast saddle of Lamb. It is simple, but impressive. Definitely on the list, once I can afford that lamb πŸ™‚

Gabriel GatΓ© explores the picturesque region bordering north Provence and the Alps, where he comes across local specialties, including lamb and goat. In the kitchen, Gabriel makes a sophisticated roast saddle of lamb with herbs.