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Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep20 – Bergerac To Perigueux

Filet de Canard aux Cepes;

Boletus, the "King of Mushrooms"

Happy Happy days! Duck, one of my all time favorites! Got to be happy with this one! This great duck recipe is a must do, especially if you like duck and mushrooms. Ill certainly be giving it a go!

In the region of Périgueux, famous for its hearty food, Gabriel Gaté meets an old friend who used to cook for a French President. In the kitchen Gabriel prepares duck fillets served with cèpe mushrooms and a green peppercorn sauce.


Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep16 – Carcassonne To Bagneres-De-Luchon

Financiers aux Amandes et abricots;

Canned duck confit and cassoulet

Ok Gabriel, enough of the deserts, I would have loved to have seen the cassoulet that you showed in this episode.

Maybe I’m a little biased to savoury. So Ill be quiet. 🙂



Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep19 – Maubourguet Val-D’adour To Bergerac

Cailles aux Raisons et aux Marrons;

Français : Vieux pont de Bergerac

This is the business, it doesn’t get anymore French or easy. I love quail, and this is a great way to prepare the bird. Simple while creating a “chefy” presentation.

Definitely on the list to cook!

Chef Gabriel Gaté loves the town of Bergerac in the Dordogne region. He tastes the local specialities and finds some of the best local wine. In the kitchen Gabriel roasts some quails and serves them with grapes and chestnuts.