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The 2 fat Blokes is finally Launched!

Food, wine and frivolity…

Well believe it or not the 2 Fat Blokes is finally launched and underway, only about 18 months after the idea initially started.

So what is the 2 fat blokes about, quite simply getting blokes together and indulging in some cooking and eating while picking up a few basic cooking techniques that will impress the “Ladies” at a later date.

You don’t have to be a complete novice at cooking to enjoy an evening with the 2 Fat Blokes, as you are sure to have fun, a nice meal and some great company. 2 fat blokes

A little about our first night!

So last night was the inaugural event of the 2 Fat Blokes cooking school. We had some “Patsies” 🙂 who played guinea pigs for us as we fumbled our way around the kitchen and attempting to part with some well received knowledge of cooking (basic stuff only folks, this is no cordon blue cooking school). The real focus behind what we are about is Food, fun and laughter. Of course these things all go together and last night proved the concept has great merit.

The 2 Fat Blokes is not just another cooking school, yes they are a dime a dozen these days, but we focus on making simple, yet impressive, home cooked food. Not fancy smancy fluff, but good food!

So we all gathered in the temporary 2 Fat Blokes kitchen at 5.30 pm for the start of our evening. A few beers were had as the fat Blokes (Guy and George) ran the “patsies” through the course of the evening and what they were to expect. They were presented with the menu (four courses) and recipes for the items off the menu that we were about to prepare.

2 fat blokes

Homebrew beer – although not on last nights menu, will be on in the future

So away we went, replenishing the beer cans first of course… We started with a lovely baked Brie, followed by a homemade Ravioli, then a steak on the barbie (sounds simple I know, but the technique designed by George to cook these bad boys is proved yet again to be faultless) George would challenge any top chef that claims to cook a steak! Mark my words! We then moved onto a beautiful slow cooked brisket. All followed by Chocolate Mousse.

It was a perfect menu, simple yet plenty of “takeaway” tips for the budding “patsies” who certainly gleaned some valuable tips from the evening. Food, wine and laughter was a plenty and the 2 Fat Blokes deliver a great evening.

Did it really go to plan? Well of course not! lol, there are some minor “bugs” to iron out. After all, we are not professional chefs, but avid home cooks that love to eat! So the learning process started, but clearly our passion for what we where doing on the night certainly shone through and I think we can safely say the our happy customers will remember many of the nights tips and tricks.

Stay tuned for updates… And if you are interested in finding out more then pop us an email and we will let you know what we are about, pricing and what to expect.

At last, the Fat Blokes are away!!!


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