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Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep8 - Tomblaine to Gérarmer

Real men don't eat quiche! or do they? In this episode Gabriel visits a local cheese producer in the Lorraine region; a great insight into the work behind the scenes of a small boutique operation. Although today's recipe is another sweet dish, ...

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Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep7 - Epernay To Nancy

We all know I'm not a fan of sweet dishes, but Ill cut a little slack as Gabriel does another sweet dish. This chocolate cake certainly holds its own, and looks like its worth a try; even for the non sweet ...

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Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep6 - Arras To Reims

Getting thirsty? You should, Gabriel is now in the heart of Champagne (no explanation needed!). I will have to retract my comments from yesterdays Taste le Tour episode as I think now we are seeing one pf the best dishes to ...

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Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep5 - Ypres To Arenberg Porte Du Hainaut

Gabriel cooks some Rabbit in this episode. I think I can safely say this is by far the best recipe he has done to date! I will definately be giving this a go, Rabbit and Beer! a match made in heaven. Enjoy.  

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Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep4 - Le Touquet To Lille

Scallop Mousse! Yum! with prawns. You have to check this simple little dish out! Also some more cheeses are being discovered by Gabriel.  

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Le Domaine - Premium Cookware, Kitchenware, Knives and Bakeware Online

Learn to cook with the 2 Fat Blokes;

2 fat blokes cooking school

Nothing Fancy, just real flavours!

2 Fat Blokes was created to assist in taking food to the average bloke who has no idea! Or just wants a bit of fun with some mates while picking up some basic cooking techniques. Basically, a very grass roots learn to cook concept, that is enhanced with the cooking masterclasses either for an evening or a weekend intensive. Dates to be determined. The underlying component of these classes is simple clean fun! Eat drink and be merry! The 2 Fat Blokes aren’t about serious “Gordon Ramsey” style cooking classes, but about fun, interaction and engagement.

Short Dinner Cooking Classes:

2 fat blokes cooking school

Learn some techniques…

Our short classes are a simple Dinner and cooking class. We design a menu that will achieve a few things, mainly to give you some basic cooking techniques, and equip even the most basic “bloke” with the ability to impress if need be; But most importantly a bunch of fun and frivolity! We will cook with you, teach you some simple techniques and then we all sit down to a lovely meal and some jovial banter, as only blokes do so well! Priced from $80.00 p/p, all inclusive.

Weekend intensive Cooking Classes:

This is where we “up the Ante”. Imagine telling the missus you are off on a weekend cooking trip with the boys! Its bound to have a better reception than a “fishing” or “golf” trip! Guaranteed!

2 fat blokes cooking school

A cleansing Ale is to be had!

These weekend intensives can cater up to 8 “blokes” generally the group gets put together by the organiser, A great Bucks idea? Or corporate Team Building.. We have access to numerous venues for these intensives, generally down the Mornington Peninsula, but we are also looking the High Country of Victoria as well (season depending). So why not find an excuse for a weekend BOYS trip, and do some cooking, eating and, of course, a cleansing ale or 2…. Priced from $499.00* p/p, all inclusive. All classes include meals, drinks and extras, if its the weekend intensive accommodation is provided. So all you need to do is bring yourself, a good sense of humour and get ready for a laugh!! So contact us now and ask about our classes


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